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Welcome to The Restore Support Network

Restore Support Network a national registered charity providing positive support for older people in prison prior to their release, as well as older ex-offenders who are either over 50 years or with care, mental health or disability needs, or classified as a vulnerable adult.

The charity recruits and trains people with no criminal convictions and from various walks of life to work and support those who have a criminal record and wish to reform.

The Restore Support Network (Restore SN) Vision is to bring peace and reconciliation to our local communities, including victims of crime. We achieve this by reducing re-offending through our care, resettlement and rehabilitation programme. The support we offer helps to turn their lives around enabling them to take responsibility for their actions and remain crime free.

As a result of evaluation of the work we have undertaken in the last 3 years , we can show that of those we have supported, less than 5% have re-offended within 12 months of their release. In comparison the national proven re-offending rate for all adults released from prison is 45%.

Although we have a high success rate in reducing re-offending, our dedicated team of volunteer workers have encountered a growing number of older men and women being released from prison during 2016 without health or social care support, including somewhere to live. This includes many with multiple or complex care and resettlement needs which could increase the risk of their recall back to prison if these needs are not met.

To address this gap we are introducing a new initiative in the South West and North West which will involve a personalised Pathway to Care Plan for all older offenders being released from prison and link them with our support programme in the community, as well as signposting them to local specialist services.

Our recent joint report published by the Prison Reform Trust in July 2016, 'Social Care or Systematic Neglect?' states that people aged 60 years and over are the fastest growing age group in the prison estate, with nearly three times as many in prison than 15 years ago. People aged 50 years and over currently make up 14% of the prison population - some 12,335 people. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of older prisoners reported a mental health problem(s) and eight in ten reported reported a serious illness or disability. Most will return to the community but as the report shows, many struggle to cope with life outside, which is where Restore SN provide support for these individuals.

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