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Service Users / Referrals

Older men and women with criminal convictions and who have demonstrated their commitment to reform and not re-offend are invited to join our national peer support network. If interested please contact your local office for further details.

For Self-Referrals
Restore SN will consider self-referrals for one-to-one mentoring from serving older prisoners nearing their release date or parole hearings or from newly released older offenders - but we will NOT consider self-referrals from those on licence who have committed sexual offences unless supported by their Offender Managers.

For Inquires and Agency Referrals
Restore SN will consider referrals from prison staff, probation officers, health / social care workers and voluntary agencies. We would be pleased to discuss any inquiry prior to submission of a Restore SN referral form for an older offender.

For friends or relatives of an older person serving a custodial sentence or awaiting court sentence with the likelihood of being sent to prison
We would be only too pleased to answer any of your concerns and see what help and support we can offer.
Acceptance of all referrals is subject to our Risk and Care Assessments
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