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Restore SN is a national registered charity representing the interests of its constituency group: older men and women with criminal convictions, including veterans, BAMEs and LGBTs, those in detained settings and UK citizens serving custodial sentences in other countries. The work is supported by a dedicated team of Enhanced DBS checked mentors trained to the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation standards and who have no criminal convictions. This enables the charity to support those offenders who cannot associate with other ex-offenders whilst they are on licence, high risk offenders and vulnerable adults with care needs.

The Restore SN mentoring model merges the requirements of the NOMS Resettlement Pathways for Reducing Re-offending with its Pathway to Care. This model incorporates our existing Peer Befriending service, enhanced DBS checked Mentoring service, our accommodation and advocacy advice services.

The Restore SN Pathway to Care and Wellbeing approach meets the requirements of the Care Act that came into force in April 2015 providing a focus on an individual’s health and wellbeing, including the provision of advice and information, as well as signposting to local services. Our aim is to enable people to have more control of decisions about their care, and help them stay healthy and live independently for as long as possible.

Our approach to delivering this service involves:

Through the Gate Prison Dialogue
Restore SN offers a group dialogue programme for older offenders nearing the end of their sentence. It seeks to challenge their attitudes towards their previous offences and past behaviour, in order to prepare them for release. This not only seeks to reduce the risk of re-offending on their release from prison but will enable them to live independently in their local communities.
The Dialogue programme is currently being run in several prisons and focuses on the care and wellbeing of older offenders, prior to their release. These sessions have identified a number of older offenders who would have been homeless on their release, had it not been for the intervention and assistance of Restore SN. This programme will play a key role in the new through the gate Pathways initiative, linking Restore SN through the gate service with our befriending and mentoring services.

Peer Befriending Service
This service is for low/medium risk older offenders, offering informal peer befriending and social support. Through this approach we achieve agreed goals identified within the Restore SN Pathways to Care in order to live independently without re-offending.

Enhanced DBS Checked Mentoring
This service is for those offenders who are barred from contact with other ex-offenders whilst on licence, high risk MAPPA older offenders with multiple/complex care needs and those regarded as Vulnerable Adults. We have enhanced DBS checked volunteer Mentor/Carers who support the ex-offender in the community, so that we help reduce the risk of re-offending, as well as reducing the level of risk of care through the provision of support for independent living.


Ian Clarke, the former Chair of Restore SN is now a Non-Executive Director of RSN Care CIC, the trading arm of our charity. Specialised services and training will be developed and offered to appropriate organisations
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