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Restore's 'My Life My Care' approach can be adapted to identify needs of special interest groups who require support on release from prison and signposting to specialist services.

BAME and Older Women
Lead: Marva Wright

In 1992, there were 60 women aged 50 and over in prison (compared with males 442 of the same age) in England and Wales; by 2006 it was 253 women and 5675 males. In 2017 the figure was 522 women and 13,000 males aged 50 and over (Ministry of Justice 2004, 2018).

Older Veterans
Lead: Dr Stuart Ware PhD (RAPC/Grenadier Guards 1956 - 1958)
Sponser: General Sir Jeremy MacKenzie GCB OBE DL
Partners: The Royal British Legion and SSAFA

We estimate in 2018, out of a total 2820 veterans in English and Welsh prisons, 613 were older veterans (aged 50 and over, who left the armed forces prior to 1979). DASA estimates that ‘half of all veterans in prison are aged 45 or above’ (DASA, Ministry of Defence 2010). We are collaborating with TRBL and SSAFA to identify a more accurate figure.

Older Seafarers and Fisheries
Lead: Stuart Ware PhD
Sponsor: Captain Martin Reed RD RNR
Partners: Seafarers UK

Older ex-Merchant Navy prisoners who have served in war zones since 1979 are counted as older veterans (above). There are currently no figures available for other former Merchant Navy or Fisheries personnel in prison.

We are collaborating with Seafarers UK to gather together an estimated figure.

The following older prisoner groups also have specific needs that are not being met on their release. We are seeking sponsors and partners to assist us in gathering more information, including an estimation of numbers.

Older Homeless & Rough Sleepers
Lead: Brendan Joyce
Outreach Hub:
Parkstone United Reformed Church
16 Commercial Road
BH14 0JW