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Restore Support Network is always interested to hear from post graduate students interested in this subject for their Masters/PhD.

  • We collaborate with other universities who seek to include user perspectives in their research programmes.
  • We are currently members of the Dementia and Cognitive Impairment in the Older Prisoner Population in England and Wales Project Management Group at the University of Manchester.
  • We have established a peer research group and would like to hear from other ex-offenders who might be interested in being involved
  • See Social Care or Systematic Neglect? Older people on release from prison (Prison Reform Trust, July 2016)

A Selection of Key Publications

Public Health England, Health and social care needs assessments of the older prison population: a guidance document, November 2017. Also provides helpful demographics section.
Ministry of Justice, Prison Population Projections 2017 to 2022, England and Wales, 24 August 2017. Includes useful data indicating an increase of over 50s from 13,376 in June 2017 to 14,800 by June 2021.
HM Inspectorate of Probation and HM Inspectorate of Prisons. An Inspection of Through the Gate Resettlement Services for Short-Term Prisoners, October 2016.
Ross, I. R., and Richards, S.C., eds. (2003) Convict Criminology, Thomson Wadsworth, USA
HM Inspector of Prisons (2004) No problems – old and quiet: Older prisoners in England and Wales. A Thematic Review
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Mann, Natalie (2012), Doing Harder Time? The experiences of an ageing male prison population in England and Wales, Ashgate Publishing, England
House of Commons (2013), Older Prisoners: Fifth Report of Session 2013-14, House of Commons Justice Committee
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